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ElkArte 1.0.0

Цитата: emanuele45
ElkArte 1.0.0

Almost 2 years has passed since work began on ElkArte, a first class FOSS forum program built with many exciting features. Countless hours of work and support have been applied to the task, together with extremely valuable input and feedback from our helpful and constructive community, have resulted in a product of which we are extremely proud.

Today, twenty two months after we began, we are ready to declare ElkArte 1.0.0 (codename: Wombat) stable and ready for deployment to production websites.

We extend our sincere thanks to all those who have dedicated their time, effort and money to help ElkArte reach this day. That means all those who have answered questions, written add-ons, translated text, designed themes, modified templates, reported bugs, submitted patches or written tutorials. Thank you all.

We have much more we still want to accomplish and some code for ElkArte 1.1 has already been written. We are eager to continue its development. This is an exciting time for ElkArte, and we are glad to have you with us.

The following is a list of some of the features you will find in ElkArte:

Clean modern theme using HTML5/CSS3 with two variants and a responsive design
Like system for posts
User Mentions, @mention a user in a post to send an alert to them
Respond to PM's and Posts with email (post by email)
Built in video embedding for you-tube, vimeo and dailymotion
Auto minification and combining of CSS and JS files to save bandwidth and requests
Drag and drop file attachment
SCEditor (a A lightweight WYSIWYG editor)
Quote Splitting in regular editor (ctrl+enter)
Drafts for PM's and posts
Bad Behavior anti spam built in
BBC Footnotes
BBC Spoilers
Many areas now respond with Ajax (no extra page loads)
Drag and drop ordering for smileys, message icons, board order, profile fields and more
Improved password ciphers (increased security)
Code refactored to MVC standards and use of basic OOP (and more to come in the next releases!)
Template cleanup for improved layout consistency (with more to come in future releases)
Basic PM searching and ability to mark PM's unread
many others are available, we encourage you to download and install ElkArte in order to discover all of them and if you have any doubt feel free to join the forum at elkarte.net and ask!
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Re: [ElkArte] ElkArte 1.0.0
Ответ #1
  • Будущее сегодня: новинки из будущего smf 2.1 уже сейчас есть в готовом ElkArte 1
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • jQuery, jQuery UI искаропки
  • 2 современные темы оформления (Responsive Web Design)
  • Лайки - кнопка "Нравится"
  • Черновики
  • Новые ббкоды - спойлер, footnotes
  • Новый парсер ББ-кодов (ElkArte 1.1)
  • Разработка более активная, чем в smf.
  • Структура папок более логичная, чем в smf

  • Тема оформления smf 2.1 мне больше нравится

Нужно ли переходить с smf на elkarte или wedge? Не знаю и советов по этому вопросу давать не буду.
Если сравнивать с миром Linux, то SMF похож на Debian, ElkAarte похож на Ubuntu, Linux Mint.

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Re: ElkArte 1.0.0
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+ ElkArte 1.0.6 bug fix update

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Re: ElkArte 1.0.0
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Зачем делать моды для SMF/ElkArte?

  • Портфолио
  • Практика
  • Могут быть платные заказы от пользователей SMF/ElkArte